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What are

The Healing Energies?

The Healing Energies are healing technologies created by advanced inter-dimensional beings who call themselves The Travelers. These healing tools are able to effect healing on all levels, including the cellular level.


How They Came To Me


A portal opened up during October’s Full Moon, as can be seen in the photograph, and a multitude of orb-like objects seemed to be emanating from the moon itself. After this event, the number of energy phenomena that appeared in my nightly photographs and videos of my property increased dramatically. At a certain point I asked The Travelers what these energy technologies in the form of shafts/cylinders/orbs were. I was told that they are healing tools for me to direct in the healing of people, places, and things. These tools would not only be able to heal on the mental/emotional/physical levels, but that they would also have the ability to work on the cellular level as well. For these energies to work on someone that person must give his or her consent. They assured me that these energy tools could not be used to cause harm or be used as weapons. These technologies also have the capacity to transmit their healing energies onto an area the size of the state of Delaware. During the healings themselves, I too benefit from them, and can feel their motion throughout my body.


My Role


My role in the healings is to be a facilitator - opening the healing session, holding the space for it, and then closing it at the end. During the healing process I am in a state of deep but conscious relaxation, in an almost light sleep. I am told to relax and allow the energies to flow.


Top picture depicts these rainbow-colored beams of energy light which appear frequently in my pictures, although this intensity of color is special.

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