I had first heard about Brenda's work from a mutual friend of ours, and after hearing about Elaine's experience, I decided I wanted to seek her help for myself. My first interest was in receiving a reading of my Akashic Record. That first phone call to Brenda I experienced a lightheadedness, that I later discovered, was from the energy of The Travelers. After the Akashic reading was done with Brenda, The Travelers wanted to offer a free 15 minutes. All I can say is, "WOW"!! I was buzzing like a finely tuned instrument for hours! That sublime feeling prompted me to want to continue receiving more time with The Travelers's energy, so I bought 3-30 minute sessions. From that experience, I had healing with an injured foot and some work with emotional healing. The results of having the sessions left me feeling confident, at ease with myself and the work I am doing, plus a foot that was nearly fixed. I'm going to go back for more as soon as possible, and highly recommend this modality to everyone I know!! I'm forever Grateful to Brenda and her gifts, plus her willingness to allow the channeling of The Travelers's energy!

In Peace,

Melissa D Northglenn, Colorado

When Brenda began her journey with The Travelers she was kind enough to invite me on the healing journey.  I said yes of course!! Healing is always a beautiful thing!  Though I might have been a bit skeptical at first as to how this would work, I was very quickly impressed!

For several years I had two issues that were causing me daily pain-plantar fasciitis  in my left foot and a strained piriformis muscle on my right side.

The first healing was on a Monday night and I set my intention-asking for just a little release from the pain.  Woke the next day and wasn't sure I felt any different but as the week went on I thought I noticed some relief.

By the third Monday of setting the same intention - I woke up and the pain was completely gone. Being a bit skeptical I kind of nodded yes to myself and went on with my day. Expecting the pain to return!! It never has!!!

I must say at this point both of those issues are healed and I am amazed and thankful for the healing

that has occurred.

Brenda is my friend and I am thankful that she invited me to meet her healing friends.

I continue on this journey with her as healing is a beautiful journey!

Nancy Kelly-Geelan

Beach Lake, PA

I recently met Brenda while attending her Akashic Records Channeled Talk. Upon meeting Brenda, I was blown away by her pure essence, the way she spoke freely and was joyful in her explanation of boundaries for what works for her life. Immediately I felt empowered and humored at the sense that I can walk my own path and not feel ashamed of it, even if it can be considered unorthodox.

Hearing Brenda share a piece of her personal life with a humorous twist made me realize that I take life and myself too seriously. I need to cut myself more slack and accept that I am good enough! She piqued my interest, and made me want to absorb every drop of what she was sharing. 

After becoming aware of some of my deep patterns that I had been programmed with, I was able to begin my journey of releasing old patterns. I was able to start to work through them by allowing the energy to move through me. Learning how to be in a state of flow has been more intense than I had anticipated, but in all of the best ways.

In talking with Brenda, she mentioned the opportunity to connect with The Travelers. I was open to this experience immediately,  I knew that I could absolutely trust Brenda. I had an open mind and believed that Brenda was offering an incredible healing experience, unlike any other.

I signed up for Brenda's blog and healing sessions with The Travelers and I noticed the profound effects right off the bat. Just by setting the intention to connect with The Travelers, I was able to receive lots of healing energy. I noticed I was sleeping better at night after sessions and would feel much lighter the next day.

I realized as I was tuned into the healing sessions with The Travelers that my body was healing and detoxifying at a rapid pace. I used to struggle with OCD behaviors, some of which  may have stemmed from a lack of self-esteem. The Travelers have helped me take my power back, empowering me to believe in myself. 

Each time I work with The Travelers, I sense that they are with me as I see shadows and orbs that move through my house. 

If I speak to The Travelers and need assistance, they're there to help me. For example, as I began writing this testimonial I had a fairly severe headache. I asked The Travelers for healing energy and the headache has subsided. 

More than anything, working with The Travelers has given me so much faith in my journey and my ability to heal on all levels. Brenda is one of the most generous, humble and compassionate people I've ever met, and I will continue to follow Brenda and her example of how we should treat ourselves and others. 

Brenda has reignited my awareness and appreciation for the Oneness of life. This is further displayed by Brenda in her life long dedication to help everybody she can. 

Carley Volans,

Duanesburg NY




I’m always up for trying something “new” to me in the healing field.   I’ve known Brenda for several years and have used her God given talents of homeopathy for my critters.  I have trusted her with the welfare of my furry kids that mean the world to me, surely I could trust her with a healing modality that was new to me.  I have sent healing energy to others throughout the years but I haven’t (consciously) participated in receiving healing energy from any source until now.

I kept putting off trying THE HEALING ENERGIES (T.H.E.) because anticipated it being more complicated than it is.  I thought it was going to either take time or attention. Two things that I was pressed for at the time.  So with that being said, I finally engaged in T.H.E. on 20 Feb PM session. 

All I did was quiet myself and my surrounding environment (which means my two furries crawled up on our bed with me).  I made a mental picture of the top couple of things that I wanted to address.  And I relaxed.  That was it.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I ended up falling in a very restful sleep.   The next afternoon I noticed that my joints felt “empty”.   I have Lyme which effects the joints.  It was refreshing.   And that wasn’t even what was in my original intention.  Cool, right??    My thought process is a bit clearer.  Since I had experienced positive results that I was comfortable with I continued with T.H.E. sessions. 

I immediately became a T.H.E. junkie!!!!!   Seriously though, the next thing that happened to me came as quite a surprise.   In between the second and third session that I participated in, I had this massive release of guilt that I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying since 1995.  The guilt stemmed from a situation that involved my having to make legal statements to authorities concerning the mental stability of my Dad.  I knew in my heart and head that I had done the right thing to protect innocent people.  I remembered after my testimony to the authorities, I made it to the parking lot and cried so hard that I got physically ill.  Back to the release………for years, I have had this tightness in my diaphragm/solar plexus and it became the “norm”.  My chiropractor has made adjustments which would last until the next time I had an appointment.  Sometimes it would be worse than others but the adjustments the chiropractor made would last for a while and I would feel good for a while. 

For a couple of days after the second session, I repeatedly had this strange sensation  in my solar plexus area.  First I thought I pulled a muscle or something.  Then when I was standing in my kitchen one afternoon, the picture or should I say videotape replayed in my head of that day back in 1995.  I cried for a while at the whole situation.  Still knowing that I did the right thing to protect others.   Then I realized that the emotional and physical energy that I had buried and thought I dealt with had surfaced and then it was gone.  I still have the memory of what took place that day but I am definitely cleared of all the negative emotion and physical energy that I held in my solar plexus/diaphragm.  There is a sense of new found freedom!!!!

Pretty amazing, right? Amazing maybe…………but I am grateful for God’s creation.   I am grateful that THE HEALING ENERGIES are part of that creation.

Julia M.


1 Mar 2018

I have suffered chronic pain for most of my life, recently it has gotten worse. Each morning I woke up with neck and head pain, physical therapy did not help and pain medication was not an option for me. When Brenda offered me a healing from the Travelers I thought 'why not, I have nothing to lose and nothing has helped'. During the 1st session (and for most since) I immediately began feeling heat around my knees followed by becoming incredibly relaxed. After the 3rd session Brenda called to ask me how I was feeling specifically my neck and head pain, I stopped startled I hadn't realized I had no pain! I felt great, and I continue to improve with other chronic hip pain. It seems that the healing not only heals physical pain but also mental and emotional. I find myself feeling more confident, happier and relaxed. Healing nights are my favorite because I always have the best and most restful sleep something I never experienced before the healings. I'm so grateful to Brenda for allowing these healing energies to be channeled through her.

Elaine V.

Honesdale, PA

There has been a huge shift with my nervous system. Before receiving The Healing Energies I was unable to sleep more then 15 minutes at a time before waking up with my heart rate raised 100+ ( at times even 130) and major anxiety. This went on for almost a year.... before that many years of extreme sleep issues ( all different crazy patterns.. but no sleep) . 

There were changes from the first session on. Right now I am able to sleep 2 hours straight and when I do wake up I am calm and eventually fall back to sleep for a couple of hours again. Overall I am a lot calmer throughout the day and night. I used to feel like I was plugged into an electrical socket...

This was one of my main intentions ' to feel calm and have peace'. I am very grateful to receive these energies. Thank you!!

Cheri M.


Once I found a good doctor for my Parkinson's and was put on medication I felt much better, but I still didn't feel like myself. When I heard about Brenda and the healing energies I decided to do it..... After a few sessions I realized I was feeling like my old self again, not 100% because I'm 82 now, but I feel great! The amazing thing with the healing energies is that I wanted it for my Parkinson's but my arthritic hip feels great. I move around so good now and I don't need medication for that anymore!

Thank you Brenda!

Natalia K.

Honesdale, PA

I have sought out & received Branda’s Akashic Record chanelling and I am honored to take part into the healing session with The Travelers. My experience has varied & I have found myself most supported when I am centered on the intentions I wrote down and remaining consciously open to receive it in any form it may take. 

Recently, while asking for deep clarity and means to manifest my dream life, I experienced a long lasting waive of several hours of deep optimism, like nothing I had experience before in my life. True faith and oneness with nature as and under warm current of peace and reassurance. It reset my barometer for hope in humanity.

Juliette H.

New York

I've been participating in the healings with Brenda for about a month. I am so grateful to see positive shifts in persistent health symptoms (neck pain, constipation, and hunger cravings) and self-limiting beliefs (low self confidence, ability to speak up and set boundaries). I continue to gain greater intuitive insights around the causes of these challenges, whether it's a lifestyle change, or a need to re-assess a belief from the past.  I'm also finding I better know what to do to take the next step towards healing. These healing's support my own innate healing wisdom! Thank you! 

Elizabeth W.

New York

Thankful for the healing support from Brenda and the Travelers. I have presently participated in nine healing sessions and have made significant progress in areas of my life where I have felt stuck. It helps me to set my intentions every week, recognize my patterns and then work in conjunction with the healing energies to receive the support I need. I feel my life shifting and my spirit evolving as I continue along my sacred path. Thank you for making these helpful, healing energies so readily available to those willing to receive them!


Gouldsboro, PA

I love love working with The Travelers. Being in the healing frequency I always feel tingling, vibrating,  and see color! I am more aware of my body and energy    when I lay down or sit for it . When I am not able to sit or lay down,  I simply set my intention for the healing for what I would love to receive and what I would love them to work on,  with ,  or address . Sometimes the session is profound and other times more subtle,  but it always feels like a healing. In receiving these frequencies over the past few months I have a general sense of increased well being. I feel blessed to be able to connect and bask in these healing frequencies and allowing my energy to be nurtured and balanced by them. With much gratitude to Brenda Seldin and the beings she channels  The Travelers.

Debra Sheafe

New Windsor, NY

I believe in unseen realms, energetic dimensions, and the continuation of the soul.  Yet I'm also skeptical of much of what's out there about extra terrestrial entities speaking to us through channelers.  But I know Brenda to be a person of deep integrity, so when she explained about The Travelers, I took a leap of faith, and joined the healings.  The most interesting direct feeling was one Thursday night when I felt a pulsing in the palms of my hands.  From one hand to the other, around and around, it felt like something was moving through me.  Later Brenda said that others felt similar from The Travelers moving energy around the body.  A key aspect of this healing are the intentions one has, feels into, and lets go of.  Brenda was helpful in guiding me to formulate concise intentions, and the main one was healing of my bladder.  I was open minded but didn't expect to suddenly be cured of something that's plagued me for years and keeps me from sleeping at night.  But a few weeks into the healings, I happened to open a promotional email from one of the dozens of people whose list I'm on, whose genre of offerings don't even match what I currently need.  I only open a small fraction of my overloaded inbox, but I happened to scroll through something I usually wouldn't read, and near the bottom of the email, in a list of recommendations from others, was something about pelvic floor healing, and how it relates to bladder.  I'm now signed up for a journey that might be that miracle of giving me my life back. But I'm grateful to be on this journey with Brenda and others who resonate with her and trust her.  From when we met years ago at a wholistic event, she struck me as one of the few who exuded competence, humility, pragmatism, and wisdom.  Intermittently I've reached out to her for Akashic Records readings and more recently animal communication, and there are always gems of very helpful truths that come through her.  In this world where it seems many gifted people establish their business by first determining how much they can get away with charging, Brenda feels like the reverse - her desire to help is paramount, and what she charges is tempered with compassion.  When first sitting with this information about these alien beings who appeared in her backyard, I remember thinking, "Well, if beings like that exist, it makes sense they'd choose Brenda Seldin to hang with!

Ellen Osuna

New York, NY


Top picture depicts a fog, in the form of waves curling inwards, is one of many forms that  The Healing Energies take.  While in the picture, my side yard looks like it is covered by a thick fog, in reality while there was a  very light drizzle that night, there was no physical fog to be seen with the naked eye.

Middle picture depicts these orange and white shafts of energy are special. Whenever they appear in photographs the background appears blurry.  I believe that they are moving within our  physical reality, but they move at a speed  beyond what is normal in our world.

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