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This is a 30 minute healing session with healing energies of The Travelers. The Travelers are extraterrestrial beings from another dimension who have come here to help Humanity as we ready ourselves to become a star-faring people. The Travelers use me to channel their energy healing technologies. Healing with The Travelers will help you align your mental, emotional, physical, and energy bodies, remove areas of energetic blockage, and according to The Travelers, awaken dormant gifts we hold of the psychic nature in our DNA.


This healing may be done long distance over the phone, via Zoom, or in person in Narrowsburg, NY. I also travel to appointments within the Sullivan County, NY and Wayne County, PA areas

Healing Session w/The Travelers

  • Gift certificates are not refundable. They can only be used for the original service purchased and cannot be changed to another one. There is no time limit for their use.

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