The Akashic Field is the fabric of the Universe. Woven throughout it are the energies formed from the experiences, actions, feelings, and thoughts of all Beings. These collected records are called The Akashic Records. We are each a thread in this beautiful weave. There is no beginning or end to it. The energies of our past experiences get woven right back into our future potential experiences. This is the essence of our current life as it connects to our past lives and flows into our future potential life paths.


In this 60 minute Akashic Reading, I will connect to your Guides in The Records and have access to the recorded information regarding your: past lives, Soul agreements, Spiritual gifts in this life, Spiritual Guides in this life, Spiritual Path, Soul Group, among many other things.


Some examples for the cause of conflicts or blocks in this life may be: past life experiences, Ancestral Energies (Soul Groups), and Soul agreements. Following the Soul's thread and unraveling it to find the cause and the way to heal it is what I do. I can help you to understand, connect, and forge a stronger relationship and expression of your Spiritual Path, your Spiritual gifts, your Spiritual Guides.


If you are at a crossroads, feeling stuck, believe that a hardship such as illness, disappointment in love, difficulty with loved ones/friends, or financial challenges have a deeper Spiritual root that needs to be brought out into the light, understood, and healed we can do that together with your Guides. There is no limit to what your Guides in The Records can help you with.


All sessions are recorded for audio and the file is sent to you via email link after the appointment. Sessions can be done in my Narrowsburg, NY office, via telephone, or via video conferencing. I travel to clients within the Sullivan County, NY and Wayne County, PA areas.







60 Minute Akashic Reading