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Working With The Nature Spirits: A Case of Chipmunk and Poplar Tree

In an Akashic Reading I recently did for a client, Chipmunk came in as one of her Animal Spirit Guides. I was shown how they are always on the move, super focused on the task at hand, and always moving at one speed - fast! The chipmunk that was shown to me had her mouth filled with nuts, cheeks looking like two filled balloons about to burst, as she made her way to her secret storage spots.

I asked my client if her mind tended to race and be filled with many plans and lists of to-do things. Was she inherently more restless and always needed to be busy with something? Was she good at finding and managing resources, such as money? She laughingly answered "yes" to all these questions. She definitely had chipmunk energy, and it was shown to me that needed balancing.

Spirit Guides, whether from the animal, plant, or mineral world, also represent a specific energy signature. The energy dynamics that I described with Chipmunk can run the spectrum from balanced to imbalanced. Sometimes we must work with that same Spirit energy, in this case, that being Chipmunk. In other cases, another Spirit Guide will come in to help address the problem.

In my client's case, the additional Spirit Helper turned out to be Poplar Tree! After Chipmunk came in and we spoke about its accompanying energies, next to come in and announce itself was the Spirit of Poplar Tree. She was amazed that I mentioned the Poplar Tree because she was in the process of learning woodworking and was working with Poplar wood because it's a softer and easier wood to work with.

I was led to read up on the characteristics of the Poplar Tree and learned that they are tall (50'-90'), fast-growing trees. To support their height they have a wider base. For my client, I understood this to mean that her Chipmunk energy was being supported by the addition of the Poplar Tree's energies. She wasn't being asked to slow down or cut down on the number of projects. Poplar was giving her a strong energy foundation to support her natural energies.

Our Spirit Helpers are always around us and supporting us in ways we may not even be aware of. Consciously connecting to our Spirit Helpers allows us to create a deeper and more conscious relationship with Spirit. In doing so we can work in partnership with Spirit to support our Life Path.

If you would like to know who your Spirit Helpers are, and how to work with them, I can help you. You can find out through an Akashic Reading, or to meet them for yourself through a Shamanic Ceremonial Journey. Please contact me if you are interested in either option. I would be happy to discuss what would be the best option for you.

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