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Working With Future Timelines To Heal

Many of us are familiar with the concept of reincarnation and past lives. It is the belief that one's Soul will go on to be reborn in a new body, to live a new life as a person of either gender or even as an animal, but what is a future timeline? A future timeline is a possible or definitive future path in this lifetime or in a future life.

How can working with a future timeline help us to heal in this timeline? My work with a client's future timeline will come in during a Shamanic healing session. Healing on the Shamanic plane means that I lead the client's Spirit/Higher Self/Soul to the Spirit Plane where their Spirit Guides/Healers/Helpers come in to do healing with them. I hold the space, but it is the client who receives the healing and guidance directly from their Spirit Helper.

Let me share with you two examples of working with a future timeline and how it has helped. The first case is with a client who suffered terrible abuse in her youth. I had been working with her on and off for a few years. Though we had breakthroughs, there was a sense of stuckness in her progress, a feeling of not quite being able to reach the tipping point that would propel her to the other side and further her healing journey into new areas. I was told to have her meet her future self, and so at the next session, through drumming and calling in her Spirit Helpers, I was able to lead her to a doorway where she could walk through and meet her future self.

When the Shamanic journey ended, she recounted her experience with me. She met her future self, who looked like her but a few years into the future. Her future self was still living at her current home which still looked the same to her. Her future self was what was different. She was more confident, happier, and rested. My client suffered from chronic sleep deprivation due to Post Traumatic Stress from her past abuse. Her future self told her that she would be happy and be able to achieve a normal sleep pattern, that her future was bright and secure.

My client admitted to me that meeting her future self and hearing directly from her that she herself experienced normal sleep every night was the catalyst needed to get my client at the tipping point of moving from merely feeling hopeful to trust and a strengthened optimism for her future!

To find out more about Shamanic Healing with me please message me here.

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