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Why Now?

Nightime, back yard, view of green colored house with white semi-transparent white narrow barrel-like shape in bottom left hand corner of photograph.
This image is one of many documented photographs and videos that the audience will get to see at World Premiere Presentation! The Travelers -- Inter-Dimensional Visitors to Earth.

I have been in contact with The Travelers since 2013. The appearance of The Travelers energy phenomena in my photographs and videos began in March of 2017 and The Healing Energies were shared with me in October of 2017. In the last 19 months I have experienced so much with them! The photographs and videos I take are snapshots of my interactions and evolving connection to them, and dare I say it, friendship with these extraordinary extraterrestrial beings.

The Travelers have shared with me amazing experiences and healings. They have asked me to share them with the world. In November of 2017 I started to share The Healing Energies via long distance group healings, and little by little, I started to post the photographs and share the videos.

The Travelers came here to help Humanity. They say we are on the cusp of becoming a star-faring people. Through the healings they help us to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Healing Energies align and raise the vibration of our different energy bodies resulting in a more streamlined flow of these energies. Our natural gifts that flow through these energy bodies, such as our intuition and connection to the energy Universe at large, become stronger and more proficient. The Travelers have also said that Humanity has many dormant gifts in our DNA and The Healing Energies are helping us to unlock and awaken them.

The question I have been asked lately is, "Why now? Why am I choosing to introduce The Travelers to the world at this time?" I believe that we need to engage in a public dialogue about extraterrestrials. In order to do that we must first recognize the existence of extraterrestrial beings and the fact that they are visiting us here on earth. I am presenting my own copious undoctored photographic and video documentation in the hopes of igniting such a public dialogue and help move us forward beyond the question of their existence or non-existence.

Please join me on Sunday Nov 4th between 1:00 and 3:00 pm at The Chi Hive Studio in Narrowsburg, NY as I present my slideshow of photographs and video compilations and share my experiences with The Travelers and The Healing Energies in "The Travelers - Inter-Dimensional Visitors to Earth". Space is limited, tickets are $20, and you can REGISTER HERE.

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