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What Is Channeled Art For Healing?

Drawing by Brenda Seldin channeling the dying spirit of her cat Creamsicle who passed in 2016.

Channeling is the ability to bring through energies through oneself without the use of a physical object, such as tarot cards, a crystal ball, runes, a pendulum, etc. We're all born with the innate ability to channel the spectrum of healing energies available to us from the Universe. We can express that channeled energy in a myriad of ways: for healing, for guidance, through our artwork, in our writing, among other things.

When we channel art we are creating a living healing nexus between ourselves and the energies. The drawing isn't created solely as a piece of artwork with a certain style in mind. It is important that we empty our minds of preconceptions and expectations. The more we allow the energies to flow through us, the more purer and stronger the energies that we express on paper will be.

Channeled art can be of a specific image or express a feeling or frequency of energy through its abstract imagery. We judge a channeled piece of art by how it makes us feel rather than what it means or what it looks like.

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