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What Are Thought Form Manifestations?

Updated: Aug 1

In a testimonial from my client L.D., she recounted my vision of the manifestation of a large spider in her bedroom with sticky web energy. I had been shown this spider during the Land Blessing Ceremony at her home and was able to remove it.

As I saw it, the spider had intense glistening black eyes, was 3 feet wide, and was hanging from the corner of her bedroom on a sticky orange-brown web. As soon as I saw it, I knew that the spider had been there for a long time, spying and sending its dark energies out into the home.

Speaking to my client, I explained to her that what I was seeing is known as a thought form manifestation. This spider and its specific energies were a projection of someone in her life that harbored ill will towards her and her family. She immediately knew who I was talking about. I went ahead with the help of the land spirits, in this case, the spirits of the mountains that surrounded her home. They came with their protective energies and showed me how they erupted upwards from the floor of her bedroom. Catching the spider and its nasty web on one of their peaks, they pushed up through the roof, into the sky, whilst destroying the spider and its web in the process.

In the Shamanic Spirit World, people and their energies are represented by their "true faces". In this case, the spider was the energetic embodiment of a person who claimed to want to have nothing to do with my client, but in reality, this person was obsessed with her (8 eyes watching and spying). Their anger and ill will energetically took on a life of its own and was projected/forced into my client's energy space, and yes, the ultimate purpose was to cause harm.

This is not a form of black magic or a curse. We are all interconnected and our emotions are part of our energy/spirit field. When we have strong imbalanced emotions they take on a life of their own and affect the energies of the people and environment who are the subjects of those emotions and thoughts. It is not just negative emotions, even love can become obsessive and selfish and take on the same form seen here.

In the end, after clearing and blessing her home with the help of all her Spirit Guides, we also discussed creating personal protection for herself. Her guides told me that with her awareness of the situation, she needed to only request to her guides that this person's energies be kept out of her personal space and home, and they would do that. Since my time there, my client once again feels good in her bedroom and home and has shared that new and wonderful things were happening in her life!

If you would like to inquire about having an Akashic Reading of your land/home/business or about having a Land Blessing Ceremony (which also includes your home), please contact me. I travel throughout the NY tri-state area and can also offer these services remotely. When I travel outside my areas (Sullivan County, NY/ Wayne County, PA), there is an additional fee for distance and travel expenses.

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