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What are Portals and Vortexes?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Unbeknownst to many, portals and vortexes are all around. Sometimes we experience them by accident as we touch upon them in our travels, and sometimes we are led to them. Portals are entryways into other worlds in other dimensions, and vortexes are points on Earth that act as location-based channels for bringing in energies. There are places on Earth that are known to have portals and vortexes such as Mt. Shasta in California, Sedona in Arizona, and Stonehenge to name a very few.

My experience with portals is with the one on my land that was created by The Travelers for traveling through from their dimension to ours and to send through their healing energies. When I do Shamanic journeying I am able to travel through their portal to their dimension although I am only doing this via my Spirit/Higher Self, it is still a genuine experience. On my land, there are times when I feel an intensity in the air around me and a feeling of sharpness in the energies. This may be followed by the appearance of one of their lightships. Portals are in-between places whose energies reflect a bit of both dimensions.

I've found vortexes, where I live to be, spots where Nature is more active and bountiful, such as a tree whose trunk splits into many separate tree trunks, and where it may normally have one or two trunks you may see six or even eight! It is usually a spot that feels very safe, healing, and energetically activating but in a soft manner. One may also notice that the wildlife is more abundant there.

On Saturday, January 22nd I will be doing a one day online workshop "How to Work with the Energies of Portals and Vortexes". Here you will have the chance to explore and experience working with portals and vortexes via solo and group Shamanic journeying. Click on this link to learn more about it.

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