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Tuesday's Group Healing Report: 4/3/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight's healing felt like one of those classical music pieces that have a grand and powerful finale. At the very end, I would say in the last 5-7 minutes, the energies radically intensified and I felt them throughout my whole body, almost like an energetic exclamation point!

On another note, I am excited to announce my first in-person group healing! It will be taking place on Wednesday April 11th from 7:00 to 8:00pm. I am kindly being hosted by Jody Rowe of Halo Hair Studio at 9 Elizabeth Street White Mills, PA. Space is limited to 8 people, and there is a suggested donation of $15.00. Please call me to reserve your space at 845-588-2023.

The Travelers are leading me to share The Healing Energies in all possible ways. They say that in-person group healings foster psychic interconnection and unity amongst the group of people taking part in them. When I think of these group healings, I receive the image of an egg, and I see myself and the group of participants within it being incubated to birth something new, but what we are birthing is happening to us as a group. We are all coming out of this egg together, evolving Spiritually and psychically together, and becoming part of this larger community of individuals working with, healing, and evolving through our connection to The Travelers. In reality, our connection to The Travelers means that we are in community with them as well. They are part of our group, just as we are part of theirs. In essence, we are traversing the inter-dimensional boundaries and forging a community that includes the Earth, but also expands beyond it, into the realm of The Travelers and their corner of the Universe.

The persons who take part in the four long distance healings per week are also experiencing this growth and communal incubation. It is my belief that those of you that are called to work with The Travelers, such as I am, will find that as we gather and meet, we will experience a natural affinity and connection with one another. There will be a knowing and understanding, and natural friendships will arise as a result.

In Light and Live,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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