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Tuesday's Group Healing Report: 3/6/18

On this wintry night, while the humans huddle inside weary from yet another snowstorm come too soon, The Healing Energies are at play zooming between the snowflakes.

[Video clip has been slowed down to 50% speed on order to see the energies better.]

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight's healing session was a joyful one for me to channel. Within my body I felt a warm fuzziness around my heart and a cheerful tingly sensation between my shoulder blades. Combined with the video I took, I knew that for The Travelers this type weather is very enjoyable to them. They seem to play and the energies seem abundantly happy in the way of small children.


The aspect of joy most missing in human beings is appreciation for the moment. In the oneness of the moment completion is attained and joy becomes abundant. Allowing for a natural awakening to the senses directs the mind to the moment of completion, of balance, of rest. Here completion does not refer to the end sequence or result. Completion refers to the acceptance of the momentary being of is, it's completeness, and the joy received from that.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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