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Tuesday's Group Healing Report: 3/13/18

I went onto Main Street in my town to mail something out during last night's snowfall. Standing on the public deck that overlooks the Delaware River, I took this shot that included a part of a building that juts out over the river. Apart from the elongated white energy shafts and the small light-like orbs, you can also see the beam of white light shining onto the side of the building. There is no lamp light on the deck, and this light beam is coming from very high up! Can we say, "Beam me up, Scotty."

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight I will speak of my experience with the healing and what I was shown. Some weeks the healings are intense in nature, and other weeks they are gentle. So far this week, all the healings have been gentle.

Tonight I was shown an image of my home as seen from the outside, surrounded by hemlock and maple trees. It was dusk, but the sky still held its blue color though it was a darkened blue. Suddenly as though this was a large backdrop instead of reality, I saw the image of my home and property begin to tear from top center. Just like with paper, as the tear made its way down, two flaps were created, each dipping over and down. Through the tear, I could see a gigantic solid mass that looked like a white craggy planet, possibly the full moon. It was larger than life and radiated powerful and concentrated energy. Literally, my reality was being torn apart or was my creation of reality that was being torn asunder?

I thought I would be frightened, but instead a vast sense of relief came through. My chest felt physically lightened as though a load had been taken off of me. The more this white planetary mass came through and enlarged the tear, the more expansive space I felt within my chest. By the time this experience ended I felt relief, gratitude, and a newfound lightness within my body, and specifically within my chest area.

I sit here knowing that it is important for me to share the following, but finding it a little difficult emotionally to do so, but here goes. My husband's sudden passing 10 months ago threw me into an emotional and financial tailspin. Since then I've been working non-stop to rebuild my life and hold onto what I have. It has not been easy and I've found inner sources of strength that I never knew existed. Holding tight to what I have and working hard to keep it served me well for much of this time. Keeping my nose to the grindstone over these last many months to stay financially afloat has, at times, made me forget to relax and enjoy the larger wonders of the Universe and the amazing things The Travelers have brought into my life.

I think tonight for me was about healing wounds, creating new space/lightness of being, taking apart constructs that I have created or hung onto that no longer serve me, and connecting me to my greater powers/abilities as represented by the white planetary mass. Though I call this my healing, isn't it in fact, humanity's healing to be moved beyond our wounded selves, release old material constructs, and allow ourselves to be free of pain in order to experience an expansiveness within ourselves that can connect to the greater cosmic Universe and all She has to offer us?

What was your experience of tonight's healing? I would love to know!

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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