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Tuesday's Group Healing Report: 2/13/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

First part of the report: selfie with a UFO! I took this picture tonight in my side yard at 8:44 pm. I had just gotten home around 8:00 pm after having dinner at a friend's house in Honesdale, PA. Funny enough, I told her that I took selfies outside at night because, and I said this in a half joking manner, someday I may find a spaceship flying over my head! I'd like to thank The Travelers for making this selfie moment possible!

Second part of the report; now let's get to the healing. Tonight's healing started at 9:17 pm and ended at 9:28 pm. The shortest one yet! My theory is that as I am increasing the sessions I offer per week, the session lengths are getting shorter to balance out the energies being sent. I remember the first client I did these healings with. I'll call her M.

M gladly agreed to receive these energies after I told her they wanted to help her. This came up during an Akashic reading I was doing for her over the phone. Channeling the energies put me in the position of feeling everything M felt during the healing session. Well, that first healing felt like we ran two 26 mile marathons back to back. I stopped it at 35 minutes because we were both exhausted. While receiving these high vibration energies at full force, I felt what M was feeling: tingling, heat, expansion, compression. I had to ask The Travelers to please stop the healing and continue it at another time. The following day I had a talk with them. I explained that human beings lived in a three-dimensional world and that our physical bodies are not used to this level of high frequency energies. I asked them to go easy on us and explained that the ideal healing would be "painless, gentle, and easy".

Since then they have changed the intensity of the healing energies. Apart form explaining about the human body in general, I also specified to them that humans that were ill would need an even gentler touch because an aggravation, even a healing one, could cause undue stress and even harm.

The Travelers, in past channelings have told me that they have been in energy form, or "skinless" as they cal it, for tens of thousands of years. Whatever connection they had in their own civilization to the physical form has long been gone. In order to help them help us, I want everyone to know that you can ask them to tweak the healing if there is a persistent discomfort arising from the healings, whether that element of discomfort be mental, emotional, or physical. Should this situation arise for you, merely direct your thoughts to The Travelers, explain to them what is bothering you, and ask them to fix it so that your next healing session may be a comfortable one for you.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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