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Thursday's Group Healing Report: 3/22/18

I wanted to share with you this picture that I cropped to enlarge the multi-colored orbs that appear here. Not sure whether they are healing tools, transportation vehicles, or cameras? No clue, but over the last year they periodically appear in the pictures of my side yard looking like this.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight's session with The Healing Energies began at 9:17 pm and ended at 9:37 pm.

I did a personal healing today on a client. Then I visited a friend and took part in a small healing session there. So tonight was the third time in one day that I have worked with these energies, and everytime I felt something different.

In the first healing with my client, the energy came in strong and stayed that way until the end of the 30 minute session. When I got back to my car, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that my cheeks and chin were very pink as though I had just walked out of a hot bath. I felt very warm but comfortable.

At my friend's house, I felt a ball of energy rising up through my throat. It actually felt large and rough. I felt as though my throat had been scraped as the ball moved upwards. After the session my throat felt raw as though I was getting the beginnings of a sore throat. Even after I got home, it still took a few hours for the discomfort to subside. What came to mind about this experience was that The Travelers were clearing my throat chakra - the energy center through which your Soul communicates with the World her deepest hopes and dreams. I can see why that area was worked on. I have been going through a challenging time in my life, less than 10 months out from my husband's sudden passing, and at times I have been bogged down by fears and sadness. I think The Travelers were unsticking them from my throat so better things can come through there and be heard.

At tonight's healing, and you may have had a similar experience to mine, I felt like I was sequestered in a space of silence and calm. The space felt physical as though I was in a sound proofed room removed from every person. The other detail that I noticed was an undulating wooshy low pitched sound in my left ear. It reminded me of the sea shells that I would put to my ear to hear the sounds of the ocean. The healing experience was calming in a removed way. Sometimes I wonder if I feel like I am in a different space, have The Travelers to do healing on me, placed me in an inter-dimensional location where they have access to me and can work on me? I will let you know when I get this answer!

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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