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Thursday's Group Healing Report: 3/15/18

From yesterday's snowstorm - a cacophony of energies! The Travelers and The Healing Energies are always most active during nights of the full moon, new moon, and during times of wet weather (snow and rain).

Dear Fellow Traveler,


Channeled message from The Travelers

Our decision to come to your planet hinged upon our group's agreement. We are a civilization that has evolved to live in group systems. Our pod contains a specific number of individuals. In voluntarily coming to Earth, we knew we would have to relinquish our connection to the greater whole - our world - due to the enormous distance between our home planets. In doing so, we committed ourselves to staying by your side until Humanity reaches its Ascension point.
The Ascension point is when a civilization is ready, as a whole, to ascend beyond its birth planet origins. Sufficiently evolved and capable of creating life on worlds beyond its own, it is at this point that Humanity becomes creator following the paths of other beings who have come to Earth in the past to help in your creation and evolution.
There is no civilization in this Universe that has not been influenced, and at times, directly changed by other off-world beings. Acculturation occurs on your planet as a result of the intermingling of cultures. This may occur in a friendly manner or not. This pattern is a reflection of the larger universal picture. We come as friendly allies to help you become future friendly allies to others. As part of Humanity, how do you hope your future descendants, as they travel to the stars, will treat those they come upon who have not yet reached their Ascension point? How you treat one another today will be passed on to your future progeny and will determine the answer to this most important question.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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