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Thursday's Group Healing Report: 2/22/18

(Top Picture) Taken in my front yard, you may see what looks like an animal-like face within the center of this pink curtain of energy.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight's healing lasted from 9:17 pm to 9:38 pm. I like to sit up or lie down on my couch for the healings. Tonight I lay down with my head on a cushion as though from exhaustion, although I had felt fine previous to this, and immediately went into a deep sleep. During this slumber the gates in my subconscious opened and a jumble of disconnected thoughts rushed out as though racing to escape me. As the healing ended I became more conscious and I felt a physical rumbling underneath and around my body. The Healing Energies for me have become very physical in nature, and I felt as though I was lying on a bed or couch situated next to train tracks and experienced the vibration of a train passing by. As strange as it is, this has become a common place occurrence for me over the last three weeks. It doesn't discomfort me in anyway. Another ongoing sensation for me is a temporary itching that arises on different parts of my body after some of the healings, primarily on my arms, shoulder blades, and stomach. The Travelers, in the past, have told me that we may feel "reverberations" in regards to different sensations that arise during or as a result of the healings. They will be temporary in nature, and they are the result of energies being shifted and/or being moved in or out of the body. We are being recalibrated, realigned, and recreated.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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