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Thursday's Group Healing Report: 3/29/18

Pictures from tonight included a lot of curvy healing energies. Notice on the photograph the curvy energy hanging from the side of my house!

Dear Fellow Traveler,

It's misty out tonight and the full moon is coming up in a few days. No wonder The Healing Energies are happily at play and climbing up the walls! Upon reflection, I felt the same way during tonight's healing. I felt giddy, happy, and unable to stay still. I actually got up and moved around while the healing was still going on, and I knew it was, but I couldn't help myself! The nice part was that The Travelers told me that was okay because I am not the source of the healing only the facilitator of its entry and exit, basically a glorified doorman, but happy to be one!

In this post I will share a little about my past and my relationship to healing. I've been a healer for the last 25 years, working mostly with animals and some with humans through the use of Homeopathy. I used to be a wildlife rehabilitator many, many moons ago and cared for over 5,000 animals, mostly birds and squirrels. After my center closed down, I went on to work with pets. Homeopathy is energy medicine that works on the body as a catalyst to stimulate a reaction in the body that will help it throw off its symptoms of disease and find balance. Balance is another word for Health.

When I commit to an animal's healing I am in 110%. I have worked with everything from sprains, fractures, head injuries, cancer, pancreatitis, arthritis bowel inflammation, poisoning, wounds, and more. Being committed and present for the patient, especially in life and death situations, takes a great deal of energy and equilibrium during the crisis. At the end, whether it's life or death that has welcomed the patient, is when I would allow myself to drop and cry or examine in minute detail everything I could have done wrong especially with animal patients that have died. Even the celebrations left me happy but exhausted, and to each patient I gave a little bit of my heart and Soul.

It's 25 years later, The Travelers come bringing The Healing Energies with them. They tell me I can heal people, places, and things with them. These energies can cover an area the size of the state of Delaware. They tell me I don't have to do anything to make the healing happen. I can even sleep through it. In fact, they insist I do, and for the first few months I am put in a deep hypnotic sleep where I am fully conscious but also fully relaxed. The people receiving these energies, if they are fully open to following through on their paths to complete healing, will know what they need to do for themselves and will be able to do it.

My husband, who passed away suddenly ten months ago of a heart attack, as a result of chronic heart issues, was one of my main healing projects. In addition to his regular medications, I felt compelled to constantly work with my own healing abilities and to help him find complementary holistic treatments that would extend his life. I loved him very much! My goal was to keep him by my side for as long as possible.

Twenty-five years later I get to help people on their healing path, but not have to be personally responsible for getting it right or not, helping or hindering, healing or failing to heal. At this stage in my life, this is a relief for me. I feel liberated and grateful to facilitate, what is in reality, everyone's own self-healing. Those who come to The Healing Energies with an open mind and heart can receive everything they need, including the information as to what other steps to take to complete the process. Their paths to self-healing may include more than just The Healing Energies, but the The Healing Energies will help everything else work together more easily and successfully because you are being helped to flow, and as a result, everything else in your life will as well.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin

and The Travelers

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