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The Trees Explain How Nature Works

Speaking to the trees.

I can talk to the trees and so can you. We can learn from them the deeper workings of

Nature. I once owned a large wooded property where I needed to have some trees cut

down. I hired a forestry consultant to help me with my project. As we were walking back

to his car at the entrance of my property, he pointed to a group of trees on one side of the

driveway that were all sickly looking or were already nearly dead. He said to me that

those trees needed to come down.

The next day I decided to connect to the trees to ask them if that's indeed what needed

to be done. The trees explained to me that their brothers and sisters who were deemed

unwell by the forestry consultant were all in an area chosen to be the receptacle for

the imbalanced energy of the land. The land was in the process of healing, and energies

were being moved around and released. The trees in that part of the land were willingly

sacrificing themselves in order to help the land achieve health and balance. To cut them

down would have disrupted this process and made in vain the trees' sacrifice.

I have been communicating with the Plant Spirits for many years now. I have been

wanting to teach other people to do the same and show them how much fun and easy it

is to do! If you are interested I am currently offering a Plant Communication Workshop

twice in the month of July. There is an early bird registration discount!

Plant Communication Workshop - Sunday July 15, 2018 in Mount Pleasant, PA (20 min

from Honesdale, PA), and Plant Communication Workshop - Saturday July 21, 2018 in

Moscow, PA.

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