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The Travelers - The Creation Of An Inter-Dimensional Energy Field At My Home

Dear Fellow Traveler,

The Travelers are beings from a different dimension than ours. They exist in non-physical form at a higher vibrational frequency. The Travelers, and The Healing Energies, come from a dimension whose frequency is so different from ours -- much higher -- that they cannot exist in our dimension just as we cannot exist in theirs. As the two dimensions intersect creating a temporary pocket of space that holds both, certain of The Healing Energies are more in sync with our dimension while other energies are faster and cannot sync up to our dimension as well. The result is a visual dissonance where the two dimensions intersect as seen in this photograph.

In this photograph the energy is the white snake-like object floating in the middle of it. Everything else is my fenced in side yard - the wooden picket fence, the trees surrounding it and hanging over it, the overgrown grass within it, and the yellow plastic ball dog toy. In the above photographs, the one on the left is what my yard normally looks like and the one on the right is what it looks like through the inter-dimensional vortex. Everything appears blurred, stretched out, and curved. Notice the yellow ball toy, is stretched and curved! This photograph looks exactly like this in my original file. Nothing was done to it. No filter or special effect was applied, and this is one of many photographs that have captured the intersecting of dimensions.

What we see here is the reality of how complex our Universe truly is. Reality is more than what beholds the eye. Who knows how many more worlds are intersecting and affecting ours? How many different beings share the same space that we believe we solely inhabit?

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin and The Travelers

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