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The Travelers Help A Client With Panic Attacks

I have been working with a client who had a very traumatic childhood. As a result she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Working with The Travelers my client was told by them, through me, that she has an underlying current of energy running through her that is overly stimulated. Their example was of using a nuclear power plant to light a single light bulb.

My client understood this and we went on to do a healing with the Healing Energies. When the healing finished she told me that towards the end of it she started to have a panic attack. One regular occurrence during a healing with The Travelers is that the emotional energy being released, which in this case is that of fear, can be experienced as it leaves the body. I explained this to her letting her know that she was safe and the experience was not real.

Sometimes The Travelers have a message for the person receiving the healing, and they did in this case. My client was told to imagine a circuit breaker box with six large silver handles. Energy passed through when the handle was in the upward position. They explained that in her case she only needed three of those breakers to be in the flow position, but in her times of stress she had as many as all six going. Her job in her times of panic was to close her eyes and picture the circuit breaker box and see how many breakers were in the flow position. Depending on how severe of a state she was in, she might have 4-6 breakers on. Her job was to imagine herself shutting off any additional breakers that were on beyond the first three.

The purpose of this was to empower my client. She had been coming to me for three months with steady improvement, but this was the missing link. Sometimes we need to feel that help is coming to us from the outside world, but at some point, we need to be our own help in order to heal more deeply and completely. She now has a tool to help her connect to her own inner strength that she can use to check in on herself and help her regulate her energies until in time they settle down into a more even keel flow.

The next day she reported to me that she had slept well, something that very often eluded her.

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