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The Travelers from the Stars Ep.1

I have started a YouTube Channel, The Travelers from the Stars, to share my experiences and documentation of The Travelers - interdimensional beings whom I have been in contact with since October of 2013. I am starting from the beginning, and over time, I want to share and show all I know about them. On this episode I talk about the first time they contacted me, I share some of my early photographs and a video, and an early channeling.

On another note, my weekly Message and Healing Circle with The Travelers will be streaming live on both FaceBook and YouTube on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm eastern starting Wednesday December 1st. I will no longer be using Zoom for this. Hope to see you there, and please show your support if you'd like by subscribing to this channel on YouTube, liking, and sharing. Thank you!

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