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The Travelers Channeled Message #1 - The Beginning


On the night of December 20th, 2013 as I was walking my dog, I was struck by the sight of bright yellow light peering and moving through the pine trees on my road. I walked quickly to get a better view of what was moving through the trees having the sensation of something otherworldly, such as a UFO. To my surprise it was the Moon and its light. I had never felt this otherworldliness from the Moon nor had I ever experienced seeing it so low and its light so bright at the same time.

On December 21st, 2013 I was doing a Shamanic Journey at home in honor of the Winter Solstice. On that journey I was guided to come to the Moon, there I was met by a Race of Beings who described themselves as being from another Space and Time. They are transitory travelers on the Moon here to help Humanity in its development. They asked me to channel their messages to the people of this planet, as this is the first contact they are making with us.

When I asked them why I was chosen for this task I was told that it was because I already channeled the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records. The Beings in the Akasha Realm are close in frequency to these Beings. These Beings also describe themselves as the predecessors of the people of Atlantis. A segment of their community decided to come to Earth and be Atlantans. These Beings decided to continue on their journey in Space helping in the peaceful and positive growth of other Races throughout the galaxy. Now they have chosen us as their next project. They have messages that they hope will help Humanity to evolve and to find peace and happiness.

Message #1 Received On December 30th, 2013:

(Part I)

We welcome the people of the Earth to our community of Races that have already transcended the physical realm and exist in the form of energy.

We are from the Galaxy Mu. We are the forebears of the Beings that came to be known as the people of Atlantis.

We welcome you with open arms. Our aim is to help in your self-realization and evolution of your Spirit selves. We do not seek to impose ourselves upon you but will come to you when voluntarily asked.

The time is not right for you to meet us in person. We would not want to frighten you with the physical form that we inhabit. We take these forms when we meet those Beings that are earth-bound in form.

Our kind speaks as One, although we may allow one or more to speak for us if their specific knowledge is deemed necessary. At times, one of our kind will be deemed to have more of a natural connection with one of you. In that case, we will allow that one to speak for us to you.

While we speak as One and act in Unity, in our own community we have chosen to retain some degree of individuation amongst our kind as a means of flavoring the broth that will bring forth the newer members of our kind. We do not procreate as your kind does. Our members choose when to go back into the primeval broth (a term more comprehensible for your kind) and voluntarily return themselves for the purpose of reformulating into new community members. We honor their voluntary giving of themselves and welcome the new Beings that take their place.

However much we would like to tell you about ourselves, we cannot forget that we may easily overwhelm you. For the time being, please know that we are here to be of service to you.

(Part I)

We encourage you to look up to the stars and begin to connect with the Greater Sky. Accustomed as you are to thinking of your sky as the place that stops at the point where rain and snow are made. We encourage you to begin by imagining that area of space just above the thermodynamic layer of air.

Imagine just rising above the layer of clouds where barely a wisp of cloud form remains. It is at the cut off point of the atmosphere that surrounds your planet.

At this point the quiet of space begins. You inhabit that point that is between the earth’s atmosphere and the stillness that is the beginning of space.

Sense the quietness that you are encountering for the first time - just above the Earth’s atmosphere and at the outermost layer of deep space.

The color around you is a dusky violet. Stay in this space, this moment in time. Allow yourself to take a breath, release it and relax as you imagine your body freely floating between what is of the Earth and what is of Space. Here the quiet envelops and coddles you. There is no where to go and no thing to see. Just be. Remember you are safe. You are always safe.

The latter is both an exercise and a journey. Through this visual journey you are teaching your Spirit self to release its hold to the Earth. Actually, it is more of a reminder as you have all, at some point, have journeyed into other realms and dimensions (including Space) in this life or in past lives. Many of you are incarnations of Beings from other parts of this galaxy and others of you are descended of these Beings who came to Earth to experience living amongst you or to help you.

As you float, allow the peace that naturally exists there to permeate your mind, heart and Spirit. As a result your body will relax, your mind will relax and your personal boundaries of who and what you think you are will relax as well. Upon relaxing they will expand outward and you will have started the journey of reconnecting your Spirit to that of All-That-Is.

Thank you for hearing our message. We will reconnect again with Brenda and pass onto you another message and practice.

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