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The Shamanic Corner - Healing The Wounds Of The Revolutionary War

I live in Sullivan County, NY which has the distinction, of being the site of a battle from the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Minisink took place in 1779 on land that is now a designated county park in commemoration of the colonials who lost their lives fighting a contingency of British Loyalist and Iroquois Indian soldiers..

About 4 years ago, a friend and I co-led a fairy walk for families at the park that is now called Minisink Battle Ground Park. Before we created the event, we went to the park and connected to the land to ask if such an event would be welcomed there by the land and fairy spirits. We were standing by a huge boulder, the one pictured above, which was the site of the last stand for the colonial soldiers in their losing battle to the British and Indian contingency. At the battle at Rocky Hill, the remaining colonial soldiers were killed by Captain Joseph Brant and his militia. My friend and I both stood there with hands on the boulder, feeling the strong energies emanating from it. After asking for permission to hold the fairy walk we both received a strong "yes" for the event. The land told us it was very happy to have the living , especially children, come there and bring the energies of joy and merriment once more into the park. As we finished, I stepped back onto the trail, and on the ground right in front of my feet, was a piece of what looked like newspaper rolled and glued into a cylindrical shape measuring about 2 1/2" long (see pictures above). Examining it I saw the printed date on it and it was Dec 1, 1847! This gift from the spirits reaffirmed that we were indeed welcomed there.

Fast forward 4 years to mid-June 2018, I'm walking my dogs along what is called the Battleground Trail when I come to the boulder at Rocky Hill. Something urged me towards it to put my hands on it again. This was somewhat challenging having my two pitties pulling on their leashes and looking at me as if to say, "Why are we stopping? Let's go, go, go!" Even as I first approached it I could feel very strong energies coming over me and dropping in through my crown chakra at the top of my head. When I put my hands on it I immediately started to feel lightheaded as the energies were flowing through me and pulling me upwards. The boulder itself felt very light almost weightless, and I had the sensation that it was leaning towards me and that I could move it easily with one hand. Then the energies of sadness and loneliness came through and I realized that the soldiers who had died there were still connected to the Earth and were reaching out to me. I asked them if they would like to receive healing from me. They said "yes" and I promised them I would be back within a few weeks by myself to do it.

Two weeks later I went back with a friend, who after hearing my story asked to go with me in support of the healing work. At Rocky Hill, we sat on a stone bench that was there. I called in The Healing Energies, as they came in, I was shown that the boulder felt light and empty because it was acting as a portal for the Spirits of the fallen soldiers while they remained attached to Earth. My Spirit was taken inside the portal and it was filled with bright light. I could make out the shadowy outlines of men, and I knew that, although many of the deceased were colonial soldiers, there were also the Spirits of the British and Iroquois soldiers that had died in battle there as well. In death, I was told by them, there are no lines drawn and no sides to be on. Every Spirit was in community with every other Spirit regardless of what side they had originally been on.

During the healing they shared a message with me. They hope that war as a tool for Humanity to solve its differences will be set aside. In death they realized that war brings only further suffering and destruction and does not truly create peace. This message came through from the all the soldiers who had dies at that battle. After receiving the message and feeling the healing naturally coming to an end, I was shown that the boulder would feel cool and heavier to me as the Spirits of the soldiers began to move on, and with no further need of the portal, it would close. This is what happened. When I opened my eyes and went to touch the boulder it felt heavier and cooler to me. I am sure that next time I go there it will feel like a regular boulder again.

In retrospect, this healing journey for the Spirits of the soldiers began 4 years ago when they placed before me, on the gravel path, the 171 year old piece of newspaper. The Healing Energies came to me 9 months ago in October of 2017. I believe that they were waiting for me to have these energies come into my life in order for me to be able to be able to provide healing and help them move into the Light. As I write this post, I just had the realization that the healing took place in July of 2018, the same month as when the battle itself took place in July of 1779 - 239 years ago!!

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