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Message of Abundance from Deer

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

This Fall I have seen more bucks (male deer) than I can count! I photographed this handsome fellow on my street. When I saw this buck I felt a surge of knowing energy. The message came through clearly!

At this time, the bucks are the storekeepers of abundance. They have been holding these energies on behalf of Mother Earth and awaiting the correct time to share them with us. Their antlers act as transmitters sending out the energies throughout. This is a singular event. Deer has been waiting and amassing these energies for some time. Regardless of what is happening at this time in the wider world or in your own personal world, you must have faith because help and support are coming to us through these energies that the Mother has created.

Interestingly enough, as I was writing this channeled message, I remembered that a client had told me, how in the early part of the Fall, she had noticed many squirrels with their mouths full of nuts. It was a larger number than she was used to seeing. She thought that was a sign that we would be having a rough winter.

Upon remembering this conversation, I immediately felt a strong spiritual connection between Squirrel and Deer! Squirrel is also a carrier and transmitter of Mother Earth's energies of abundance for us at this time!

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