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The Meditation Healing: June 13, 2018

Nighttime, backyard, and trees. White horizontal shaft of energy moving from left to right with double bumps along the whole top of it.
This energy is both a new one and an unusual one. Notice the row of double bumps running along the top of it.


Dear Fellow Traveler,

This Meditation Healing, from Wednesday June 13, 2018, shows a new type of white horizontal shaft-like energy. This one has double bumps along its whole top part. In the channeled message from The Travelers, we learn that this healing energy is new and specifically made for Humanity. As The Travelers spend more time with us, and come to understand our needs better, they upgrade The Healing Energies so that they can best meet our needs. After listening to the message, stay and receive the healing from this specific as I channel it in.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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