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The Healing Log: Healing Maya the German Shepherd

Healing Skills Used: Animal Communication, Body Energy Scanning, Homeopathy

Maya is a 14 year old German Shepherd who lives with Susan VanHemert in Kennesaw, GA. After initially doing an Animal Communication with Maya and her mom Susan in August, Susan came back to me to let me know that everything I had described about what Maya was feeling and the locations of her pains and discomforts had been verified by her vet. She was interested in working with me and doing a Homeopathic Consultation for Maya who was on a pain reliever.

Maya's Veterinary Diagnosis

(Text from Aug 9th email)

Whew - better pull up a chair. Maya's vet visit was very revealing and quite on point with the issues you discovered in her session:

1-GOLPP or Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy, indication positive

2-Hip dysplasia

3-Spondylosis Deformans


5-Degenerative Myelopathy

Susan wanted to consult with me in the use of Homeopathy for Maya. Homeopathy is a system of remedies that work on the energetic level that act as catalysts for the body to remove the energies of imbalance that cause the symptoms.

Starting in August, I consulted with Susan regarding the Homeopathic remedies that could help Maya a explained how to use them. Before going on Homeopathy, Maya was in a lot of pain, how much became more obvious to me once I spoke to her and scanned her energies for myself. She could only lie down sphinx position and not on her side, she was not eating very much, and had a difficult time playing with her favorite red plastic football shaped toy in her yard. She was stiff moving, would move with her back legs pulled together and in a hopping motion, and stairs were very difficult.

By November, after only two months of being on the remedies, Maya was lying on her side, eating well and putting back on the weight she had lost, waking up her Mom and Dad at 5:30 am to go outside and play and throughout the day as well, and running up steps like a much younger dog! Watch and listen to Susan's recently taken video testimonial below, and if you are interested in inquiring about how I can help your pet please email <> or call me at 845-599-2023. This work can be done long distance as well.

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