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The Healing Energies And Those That Connect Deeply With Them

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Dear Fellow Traveler,

The Travelers, I have learned, live in groups called Pods. They have told me, that over time, other people will be finding their way to The Travelers through me to share in The Healing Energies. Coming together as a Human Pod will also help support the healing of our planet and its inhabitants by magnifying and strengthening these energies so that their healing powers can go further and heal many more each time. Those attracted to The Travelers and their energies have a past life connection to them, and in this lifetime, that connection has been awakened in them.

I believe Carley Volans of Duanesburg, NY is one such person. From our initial meeting at Spirit Tree Connections near Albany, NY at a channeled talk I was giving there on The Akashic Records, I could sense her natural inclination and flow with the higher quantum inter-dimensional energies. After a private reading she began to take part in The Healing Energies long distance group program, and as she states in her testimonial to me:

If I speak to The Travelers and need assistance, they're there to help me. For example, as I began writing this testimonial I had a fairly severe headache. I asked The Travelers for healing energy and the headache has subsided.

A few days ago, Carley excitedly contacted me via FB messenger. She sent me one photograph after another taken in her backyard that night, and lo behold, they all contained images of The Healing Energies! She shared with me:

I literally called on them today and I can't believe I let it go so long without speaking to them. I'm doing amazing I feel this huge surge of energy all of the time and I've learned how to be present with myself pretty much all throughout the day and heal on so many levels that life just feels amazing. The healing energies have always been by my side.

Carley heard me say that everyone of us can have a healing connection with the Travelers and The Healing Energies. It is a voluntary partnership in co-creation. Those of you that have signed up for The Healing Energies program and are receiving these energies can call upon The Travelers at anytime to work with them. Like Carley they will come in surprising and delighting you with their presence! As each one of us, who is called to does this, then our Human Pod will keep growing and the connection between us will deepen fostering caring and love towards one another and our planet.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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