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The Ascension Plan

I call this photograph of the energies "The Running Man".

On New Year's Day I facilitated a group healing. During the channeling of The Healing Energies, I received a message from The Travelers regarding the higher purpose of the healings. On one level, the healings create an alignment of our energy bodies by breaking up energy blocks, replacing stagnating and imbalanced energies with faster and higher vibrational ones, and replenishing the energies that are low or have been used up. This results in an energy flow within us that is more efficient and direct. With it we can access our natural gifts more easily and put them to use towards creating the life we want. We may also find ourselves connecting more strongly with Mother Earth and her grounding energies and at the same time with the cosmic/Spiritual energies that connect us to Spirit and the Universe beyond our home planet.

On a higher level, The Travelers have said that Humanity, as a whole, has a higher path to follow beyond living our lives here on Earth. We are on the Path of Ascension, rising up and evolving into Beings of Light. The Light refers to our connection to Spirit and the higher Cosmic Energies. To become a Being of Light means that we will be shedding our physical forms and existing as energy, much in the same way as The Travelers do.

I was shown an image of the Earth from above and was allowed to share the energies and feelings of The Travelers as they relate to her. Profound love and respect for our Mother Earth could be felt, but most importantly, they were relating to her as a sentient being with love and care. As vibrational energy beings, The Travelers that are here on Earth do not inhabit the same physical/dimensional space as us because of the vast difference in vibrational speed and frequency of our respective dimensions. What they do instead is inhabit the same space but in a different dimension. This does not affect their connection to us. In a sense, they are able to create a strong and intimate connection with our planet and all beings on it, including ourselves, without having to take up actual physical space or use up her resources.

The Travelers say that we are destined to share the same Path as them - to go out and help other worlds as they do in the form of Light Beings. Hidden within our DNA are dormant gifts that are being awakened by The Healing Energies. These gifts are the tools that we will need to shed our physical form, exist in Higher Consciousness, and freely travel the Universe sharing our gifts of healing, connection, communion, compassion, and love as we do our part to make the Universe a kinder and more loving place.

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