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The Animal Communication Corner - Helping Oberon Come Home

Tuxedo cat sitting on a table.
Oberon was missing for a week before I was called in to help.

Oberon is one of the beloved rescues of a client of mine. He and the other cats have access to the outside, and normally he is in each night, but my client called me to say that Oberon kept getting close to the door or window but would act afraid and run off. He'd been gone for a week and she was very worried, especially as the nights were getting colder.

When we did the Animal Communication session I was able to connect to Oberon and find out what was going on with him. Initially, I received images and sensations. I saw him standing outside the door with his eyes open wide in fear, and standing back, and readying himself to flee. I felt fear and distrust from him, and I asked him what was scaring him. He said one word, "Wolf." In upstate NY we don't have wolves, and so thinking on that I asked myself what is like a wolf here, and the answer was a coyote. More energy sensations came in which told me that a predator, possibly a coyote, chased Oberon at one point and hung around the entryway and property leaving its scent there.

I asked him where he was and he showed me following a path to the right of his home. I knew he meant to the right because I could see the entryway in my mind's eye and Oberon walking off to the my right. He next showed me a white house with a small white porch and peaked roof over it.

I asked him to come home because Renee, his mommy, missed him. To impress him further I sent him a little movie, created in my mind of his mommy crying and then smiling when he returns to her. It was between 4:00 and 5:00 pm when we were doing our session, and Oberon said he would be back soon and wanted to see her. Through me I told him that she would be there before 5:30 pm.

I advised her to clear the property of the predator's scent and vibration by smudging it and to spray something that would calm the cats. I always recommend Zen KItty - a hydrosol based essential oil blend for calming cats.

Later that evening I received the following update from Renee:

I can't thank you enough for your help.  I was really worried about Oberon being out another night, especially with the weather being so bad.
I put a plate of food in front of the garage and waited in my car where I could watch.  He came a while later, but was scared.  He came from the direction you described - to the right.  He went around the side of the garage and sat on the stone wall.  I opened the overhead garage door where my boxes are stored and walked away.  That was shortly after I wrote to you.  It only took about ten more minutes, but he went inside.  I immediately closed the door.  I went inside (through the inside door) and left food and a litter box.  I am happy that he is safe and dry for the night.  I will go back in the morning and try to put him with the other cats.

She confirmed that about a mile down on the road Oberon came from was a house that fit my description as being white and having a very small porch with a peaked roof over it.

I am always happy to help people with their pets in any way that I can. If your pet is having any issue relating to their behavior, an emotional issue, are missing, are having a health issue or are at the end stage of their life consider getting additional information, guidance, and support by doing an Animal Communication session. I have 15 years experience and a passion for helping our furry babies! BOOK YOUR SESSION HERE

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