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The Animal Communication Corner: When our pets are the canaries in the coal mine.

I offer homeopathic consultation for pets when my Animal Communication clients are looking for holistic answers to their pet's health issues. I wanted to share some of these cases where the root cause of the animal's problem was a pesticide or herbicide. I want to discuss this not only for the benefit of your pet but for your benefit as well.

Traditionally it is said that coal miners would bring a caged bird into the mines to insure an appropriate level of breathable oxygen. A bird having a body mass so much smaller than a human's would much more quickly be affected by a change in the level of oxygen than a person would. A bird experiencing breathing problems would act as an alert for the miners and give them the time needed to go above ground to safety.

Our dogs and cats are like the canary in the coal mine - alerting us to the dangers in our environment. First I would like to talk about a cat named Bunny, who came to me with terrible skin problems on her belly (see picture above) and face. In the process of getting the details about her condition, I discovered that her Mommy had lived with Bunny in an apt for a year that was sprayed with pesticides on a monthly basis to keep it pest free. It was done for every apartment as part of the services there. I believe that Bunny may have come into this life with more sensitivities and was grossly affected by these chemicals. The point is that even if we seemingly seem okay at the time, do we really know that illnesses that arise years later like cancer did not stem from these pesticide spraying events? Those of us who are more sensitive or have a weaker immune system may see the effects of these products sooner in our lives. It took about 10 months of treatment, but we have finally got Bunny to a point of being rash free and very comfortable!

My second case is one where, again, Animal Communication helped point to the root of the problem. One of my client's two dogs named Buster had been very itchy, scratchy, and licked a lot. It had gotten much worse after moving into a new home 2 years ago. During the Animal Communication session one of her dogs said that the grass was killing them. I had already picked up that the problem was allergy-related in particular to the plants and soil in the her yard. In discussing this, she realized that during the first year a person came to her door asking if her should continue spraying the yard on a yearly basis as he had done for the previous family. She declined it, but the truth of the matter is that these herbicides don't disappear. They stay in our soil and are flushed back up with each rain fall.

My client had to leave on a trip and boarded her dogs for five days. At the kennel she was told that Buster did not scratch at all. Once home, within 24 hours, he started to scratch again. My client has decided to pursue looking into soil rem edition to remove the toxins in her yard. In the near future, I will also be working with her dog homeopathically to remove the effects of these toxins from his system.

My purpose in writing this article was to raise awareness. The quality of our lives and of our pet's is in a state of balance that can be thrown off by these everyday products in the short-term and in the long-run. We must strive to use organic products and carefully use all other products.

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