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Testimonial About The Healing Energies

I had first heard about Brenda's work from a mutual friend of ours, and after hearing about Elaine's experience, I decided I wanted to seek her help for myself. My first interest was in receiving a reading of my Akashic Record. That first phone call to Brenda I experienced a lightheadedness, that I later discovered, was from the energy of The Travelers. After the Akashic reading was done with Brenda, The Travelers wanted to offer a free 15 minutes. All I can say is, "WOW"!! I was buzzing like a finely tuned instrument for hours! That sublime feeling prompted me to want to continue receiving more time with The Travelers's energy, so I bought 3-30 minute sessions. From that experience, I had healing with an injured foot and some work with emotional healing. The results of having the sessions left me feeling confident, at ease with myself and the work I am doing, plus a foot that was nearly fixed. I'm going to go back for more as soon as possible, and highly recommend this modality to everyone I know!! I'm forever Grateful to Brenda and her gifts, plus her willingness to allow the channeling of The Travelers's energy!

In Peace,

Melissa D Northglenn, Colorado

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