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From Mary

Washington State

I have been inspired by Brenda many times in the past 10 years. We all have those ebbs and flows of life where a little inspiration that provides direction can go a long way!

My first encounter with Brenda was just before I made the BIGGEST move of my life to date, I was nervous and worried about moving far from family. Our conversations brought clarity and with it peaceful feelings about moving forward and embracing this new adventure! We found a house, and it wasn’t until afterward that I realized it was a north-facing house just as Brenda said it would be, with plenty of space for our family to spread out and support all our different interests, which it DOES!

Our second conversation was around my career and my purpose in the leadership position I was in just prior to COVID-19. From Brenda, I learned that instead of focusing on what I was trying to focus on, I would reap more benefits if I focused on relationships and seeing each person as a unique individual by seeing what each was doing right and recognizing how they contribute to our team in positive ways. I spent the months of February and March doing just this, then COVID hit, and I realized it truly was the best way to spend my efforts, and by doing so--what I was trying to focus on beforehand happened along the way!

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