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From Stacey C.

Brooklyn, NY

I've worked with Brenda twice - once where she did a general reading in The Akashic Records, and the second time she performed a full Shamanic healing ceremony for me. Both experiences were profound. I highly recommend the Shamanic healing ceremony. That ceremony and the clearing I felt afterwards put so many things into motion and released issues and stories I had been grappling with for years.The messages I received were clear and specific. Brenda really listens, cares, and offers her own wisdom. She gives it to you straight which I really appreciated.I found our sessions to be so helpful. So much so that I was able to finally quit the job that was causing me so much stress and anxiety and switch into a completely new career.

Clients who are interested in doing Shamanic Healing work with me for the first time will be asked to do the Akashic Records Reading/Shamanic Healing package. This will allow us to explore the underlying issues and challenges in your life through The Records and then address them in the healing ceremony. Click here to book a Shamanic Healing.

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