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Teachings from The Travelers Message and Healing Circles

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm eastern I go live on FaceBook and YouTube on "The Travelers from the Stars" FB page and YT channel for 30-45 min. During that time I begin by channeling a message or teaching from The Travelers, which is followed by an energy healing from The Travelers. This is a weekly event that I consider as a freely given offering support Humanity as we evolve towards becoming Beings of Light and Love.

In the past, the energy healing portion would be done in silence, but in the last few months the healing has come to resemble a type of Shamanic journey. In the last few months, we have been led by The Travelers via visualization meditative journeys to: their dimension, to connect with the higher Universal energies, to experience other dimensions, to connect with other beings in the Universe, and to connect with one another through our Spirit selves.

For those of you that are curious and would like to know more, these are short summaries for the last three circles. I welcome you to watch them and receive the energies from both the channelings and the healings.

1) During Jan 5, 2022's circle, The Travelers discuss how beings spiritually evolve depending if they are long lived to the tune of eons like The Travelers, or if they are short-lived like human beings. The advantages and disadvantages of these time spans and how the path of Spiritual advancement differs for the individual and for the group are also covered. In the meditation healing, The Travelers help us to connect as a group in a temporary "Traveler Pod" to one another as we receive the higher frequency energies in healing and are able to share them within our Human Pod and create a new connection. To watch:

2) During Jan 12, 2022's circle, The Travelers spoke about the essence of healing where they speak about the concept of marginalization as an obstacle to healing, and they do this from both a social and energetic perspective. In the meditation healing, The Travelers take us back to that space where we can come together as a "Human Pod" to connect more strongly in a bigger group that now will also include The The Travelers as healing energies and connections among Humans and Travelers are experienced. To watch:

3) During Jan 19, 2022's circle, The Travelers spoke about the nature of food in relation to energy and how sustenance for physical beings compares to sustenance for non-physical beings such as The Travelers. The healing meditation is to help us release the lower density energies from material sustenance stagnating within our bodies and to fill us with the higher energies of sustenance that is available from the Universe. To watch:

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