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T.H.E. Meditation: 3/28/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight was our weekly live online meditation healing with The Healing Energies. For tonight's meditation healing I was drawn to this picture. The energies we worked with were the two diametrically large cylindrical white solid-looking shafts of energy appearing to overlap one another. One is looking like it's emanating from the Earth and moving upwards. The other one appears to be coming down from the Heavens.

The feeling that they are misaligned comes through, along with the desire to fix it so they can properly connect and flow. As I speak of what is the visual reality of these two energies as we see it on the photograph, in truth, this also perfectly describes what The Travelers say is happening to Humanity and what they have come to heal. Tonight's channeled message was very interesting. It might challenge your idea of what healing is and how it is supposed to work.

These meditation healing audios are evolving as tools for Human evolution, which is really another term for healing at the whole species level rather than just at the individual level. When we heal as a whole, we can advance as a whole to a higher level of being. This, in turn, creates a society that has access to the best of its citizens because its citizens have access to the best of themselves and offer it freely to Humanity.

Please follow this link to enjoy this meditation healing for yourself!

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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