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T.H.E. Meditation - 6/6/18

Just as it occurs on our world, species from one geographical area travel to one that is foreign to them as stowaways in the ballasts of cargo ships in the case of marine interlopers, or the cargo area of an airplane carrying food, in the case of insects for example. When The Travelers send The Healing Energies, their research and recording devices which they call "observers", or themselves through "consciousness containers", they have to create an inter-dimensional corridor to intersect with our dimension, thus creating an intersecting dimensional pocket where both The Travelers and Humanity can meet and interact. When this is over, they pull back their inter-dimensional corridor thereby closing the pocket space that holds their dimension and ours.

In this photograph, we can see a white glowing fern-like creature on the ground. This is an unexpected visitor from the The Travelers' dimension. Akin to a songbird or butterfly in terms innocuousness, it is an accidental visitor who happened to be caught in the corridor and appeared in the pocket, The Travelers tell us that we can still learn from it and experience its positive energies, and then go on to give us information about it and share its energies with us. Listen To Healing Meditation >>

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