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T.H.E. Meditation: 5/30/18

Nighttime. Elongated yellowish-white teardrop with brownish shadow spotlight beamimg down from the sky over the trees.
A Travelers' spaceship sending down information packets to help release pressure from the earth's tectonic plates.

Dear Fellow Travelers,

In this audio meditation, The Travelers share with us information about their work, using The Healing Energies in the form of energy information packets beamed down into the Earth, to release pressure from inside the Earth to help alleviate the on-going effects from the erupting Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. In the meditation part of the audio where I facilitate the transmission of this energy, we are told how we can act as individual transmitters and send this energy to Hawaii as a means of supporting and strengthening the healing actions of these energies on the land of Hawaii. Go to T.H.E. Meditation Audio page >>

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