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T.H.E. Meditation: 3/21/18

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Tonight was the beginning of the meditation healings via mp3 audio. I created a special page for it The Healing Energies: Meditation Audios [link]. Click on the page name and you will see this same picture, which you will be able to work with if you choose to. Listen to me on the mp3 player as I channel The Travelers and then bring in The Healing Energies.

Tonight's meditation healing celebrated the Spring Equinox. I chose this rare picture of a healing energy visible in the daylight because it combined the lushness of Mother Earth and The Healing Energies. The Travelers share with us their thoughts about our planet and some energy healing work that they are doing with our planet's waters that I did not even know about. Enjoy!

On Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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