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T.H.E. Healing - Monday June 11, 2018 9:18 to 9:35 AM

maple tree at dusk with golden shafts of light streaming through.
The Healing Energies at dusk.

Beings bathed in golden light scooping out yellow energy matter from the left side of my body, between my rib cage and diaphragm. I looked it up and saw that the pancreas is located there. For myself, I had invited in the energies for balanced health, eating, and exercise as some of my intentions for this morning. I have Type 2 Diabetes that I work with diet and exercise to control with the intention of healing it.

During the healing I heard the songbirds through my window, the image of a dome made up of countless songbirds and their healing melodies enveloping me overhead. I share this with you because this is part of your healing experience as well.

Oftentimes, I feel The Healing Energies melding with Mother Earth's healing energies as they come together to help us. When you go outside today you may want to say thank you to both The Travelers and Mother Earth. It was a beautiful healing!

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