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T.H.E. Blog - 5/16 - 5/22/18

Nightime with two double rainbows over a lake and its reflections of houses.
Double Night Rainbow on Little Lake Erie, NY

Dear Fellow Traveler,

This is only the second time since March of 2017 that this special Healing Energy has appeared in one of my photographs. These Night Rainbows feel especially poignant, offering the hope and healing that exists even in the darkest of times. My hometown, Narrowsburg, recently experienced a tornado that came through at 95 mph on May 15th. It took down many trees and power lines, and in the process caused damage to many of my neighbor's homes. Electrical power had just come back on Narrowsburg's Main Street on May18th bringing with it another tragedy - a fire that consumed a historic building housing a furniture store and damaging a

funeral home next to it. There were no injuries, and for that, we are all grateful!

Do The Travelers understand human symbols, do they replicate what they see on Earth, or is this something that exists in their own world? The first time I photographed this energy was during one of many difficult and sad times in in this last year since my husband's passing. I feel that, at some level, The Travelers understand human suffering and pain and try to send their message of hope and support to us through these energies.

In Light and Love,

Brenda Seldin


The Travelers

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