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Spiritual Gardening - Cultivating Your Heart Garden

I'm always amazed at how how wonderful Spirit is at helping us nurture ourselves and bring in the energies that we need to heal ourselves or help us birth something new. Something as simple as three planter pots, seeds, some labels, and a sunny spot are all that you need to change your life!

This wonderful idea came through for a client in his Akashic Records session. My client needed to bring more positive energies into his life. Once his Guides in The Records showed him the way to do that, we then discussed what energies he should plant and tend to. He decided on Joy, Love, and Trust.

The photo in this post was sent to me by my client proudly sharing his Heart Garden! When I first started working with him, his energies were on the heavier side. After he started to cultivate his Heart Garden, his energies became lighter and more joyful! Even after finishing with these three, enjoyed the process so much that he went on to start another three pots.

How To Start Your Own Heart Garden:

You'll need three terracotta planter pots, soil, three different plants to grow from seed, labels, marker, and tape.

Take time to sit quietly and ask your Higher Self/Soul Self what currently needs to be healed or supported in your life. I work with the concept of energy dynamics, and the idea that a positive energy can remedy a negative energy. for instance, if you are struggling with anxiety, you might want to invite in the energies of peace, joy, and strength. If the anxiety is surrounding a specific situation such as anxiety around your job or in regards to a person, you may want to invite in the energies of confidence or clarity.

When you pick your seeds see what plant calls to you. Because that plant may bring in its own spiritual healing to you as well. You may also choose to grow edible plants, such as herbs, that you can then use in your cooking. It will be a way to "nourish' yourself with the healing energies that you are calling in.

The first time my client worked on his Heart Garden only two out of the three plants grew. I told him not to worry that he planted the spiritual seeds and that, whether the plants grow to maturity or not, he is declaring his intentions to the Universe and will be heard by Spirit. The caretaking of one's Heart Garden is also a ritual that acts as a reminder and a reinforcer for oneself to stay positive and to keep welcoming these positive energies into one's life.

I hope you plant your own Heart Garden!

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