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Give the gift that's all about love: A special Akashic Love Reading.

Save on the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Looking for something unique this Valentine’s Day? For a couple, a

friend or even yourself, this Special Akashic Love Reading is it.

Discover how to grow as a couple.

With this special reading, a couple can explore their past lives together and learn how that has impacted their current relationship. They’ll understand what their Soul Contract says about their relationship path and how to align their energies to grow spiritually as a couple.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Looking for love as a single person?

Still searching for your Soul Mate or wanting to help a friend? The Special Akashic Love Reading can help.

Explore relationship patterns from past lives to understand relationship dynamics in this life. Learn how you/they are growing as a single person and how to find a Soul Mate whose energies match.

Discover all this and so much more about love this Valentine’s Day.

Get your Special Reading at a very special price.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering this 60-minute reading for couples or singles for just $125 (a $150 value) from now through February 14th. Gift certificates are available.

Bring love into your life or strengthen the love you have. Sign up for a Special Akashic Reading today!

Sessions can be done locally in person within Sullivan County, NY/Wayne County, PA, via Zoom video, or by phone.

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