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Special Akashic Love Reading(For Couples and Singles)

(For Couples and Singles)
In honor of Valentine's Day, throughout the month of February, I will be offering a Special Akashic Love Reading for couples and singles. This 60 minute reading normally goes for  $150  is being offered for $125.
~ explore the past lives you have shared together.
~ what Soul Contract did you establish as a couple for this lifetime.
~ what are here to spiritually accomplish as a couple.
~ how are you here to help each other grow.
~ explore relationships you've had in your past lives to understand your relationship path in this lifetime.
~ what does your Soul Contract hold for you and your relationship path in this lifetime.
~ what are you here to spiritually accomplish in a relationship in this lifetime.
~ how are you growing as a single person.
~ explore how you can align your energies with the energies of the path to a love relationship.
Session can be done locally in person within Sullivan County, NY or Wayne County, PA  via Zoom video, or by phone. Gift certificates are available.
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