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Sharing The World Inter-Dimensionally With The Travelers

Orange -colored dog walking on a driveway in the night surrounded by white
Pumpkin sharing dimensional space with The Travelers and The Healing Energies.

Two worlds inhabiting the same point in space. Each one is on a different dimensional plane, and both planes exist on the same point in space. In the above photograph, my dog Pumpkin lives on the physical dimensional plane known as Earth. This same point in space is also inhabited by the energy dimension of The Travelers and The Healing Energies. Like two thin layers lying one on top of another, they can be seen (best) by us via photographs and videos. Here the microcosm of The Travelers is overlaid on the falling rain and my dog. How do we know this? We can see the energy fog and the white cylinders which are overlaid on the mist and rain, looking at Pumpkin we can see that his eyes have the appearance of orange-white cylinders, and the whole environment has a blurred appearance as well which is another sign.

An interesting thought that came to me about this is that this would be a great solution for overpopulation problems. What if we humans could live on this same world but on different dimensional planes that inhabit the same point in space? At some point in our evolution if we can attain the ability to live in energy form this will be a possibility for us. Taking it further, more than one dimension can inhabit the same point in space and we may be able to travel between them. So, as a civilization, when we think of space travel we should also include the possibility of inter-dimensional travel and the creation of new home worlds there. What do you think?

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