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Rising Upward With Courage - A Healing Meditation

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

According to The Travelers,

The energy composition of courage is unflinching strength.

This was channeled to me by The Travelers upon taking this photograph of The Healing Energies as they rose upwards around the Maple Tree. Depicted are powerful energies thrusting upwards without hesitation or doubt.

Guided Meditation Using This Photograph:

Before you begin, take a moment to look at your life and see what area of your life would benefit from receiving the energy of courage?

Once you have clarified in your mind where you could use a good dose of courage and set the intention to receive it, stand up and begin to gaze upon the photograph.

Imagine you are the tree. Feel the roots coming out of your feet and anchoring themselves deeply into the ground. Bring to mind the area in your life that you are asking for help. Invite The Healing Energies of courage to come to you. Take five minutes or longer to stand there and feel the energy rise upward within you. Stay there until the energies have stopped moving within you.

Some things you might feel:

- energy moving around your body

- heat in parts of your body

- strong difficult emotions

- peace/joy/strength

You may feel The Healing Energies concentrated in certain areas of your body that are holding fear such as your mind (head area), chest, or abdomen. In these areas of your body you may experience the sensations of moving energies or heat. You may also feel fearful or angry out of the blue. This is a sign that these energies of fear and anger are being released. Lastly, another possibility is that you may experience newfound peace, joy, or strength around this area in your life.

Use this this meditation as often as you like.

In Love and Light,

Brenda Seldin and

The Travelers

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