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On This Mother's Day Honoring the Mother Energy in All of Us

The first and great Mother to us all is Mother Earth. Our earliest ancestors learned from her about boundless generosity as she freely gave to them and continues to do the same for us. I believe that the noun "Mother" in reality should be thought of as a verb, a very powerful verb!

Regardless of who we are (woman, man, non-binary), the Mother courses through us all. It is an energy of powerful nurturance awakening strength and protectiveness towards all that is of her. All the land, the animals, and the people make up who she is. Our ancestors understood this, and they let her energies consciously course through their bodies, minds, and Spirits. In doing so they remained connected to her and to all her children. Modern people still have the energy of the Mother: energies of fierce love and connection. At this time, only those who choose to place their conscious awareness on this part of themselves, and reawaken it, can experience this great depth of connection to the Mother and to all.

Living in this state of awareness can be difficult in the modern society that we have created. In my case, I jokingly say that I'm a Jew who lives on a Christmas Tree Farm because I have not mowed my land since moving onto it in 2013. I feel each plant, its unique personality, and its energy. They are my community and family. In my case, I have always felt the suffering of the land whether it came from hearing about massive deforestation or feeling the sadness emanating from a houseplant abandoned on a New York City sidewalk with the rest of the garbage for pick up. Connecting to the Mother in us means that we love everything deeply and unflinchingly, even as it cuts deeply into us at times.

A few months ago,I was standing on my driveway just relaxing and taking in the fresh air and quiet. My eyes landed on a group of Pine Trees 4' to 6' in height, and they began to talk to me. They told me that I needed to cut them down and they were okay with this. They pointed out that they were growing under the electric wire running from the pole on the street to my house, and that eventually, they would get in it's way. This was the time to cut them before they got too big making my job harder.

I was shocked, but I wasn't shocked. They have told me, that the land is always being changed - by animals, the elements, and of course by Humans. The beings in Nature understand the circle of Life and Death and are not attached to either. They also know that the Mother takes care of their Spirits and that they will re-enter this world again. I know that my need to overprotect is a way of trying to right the imbalance that Humanity has created. Balance is balance, and I have to learn, like the trees, to let go. As for the rest of my land, they said that I have a balanced Heart and Spirit and they would trust whatever changes I choose to create on the land knowing that it would be carefully considered through my Mind, Heart, and Spirit.

Awakening and consciously allowing the energies of the Mother to permeate the current of our lives will bring us back to our original understanding of the world and how to live in it, with it, and as a real part of it. On May 8th let's awaken the Mother in all of us!

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