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On-Line Events For March

On-Line Akashic Channeled Message Circle

Topic: The Soul Group

On Saturday March 30th 11:00am to 1:00 pm (eastern time) on Zoom Video Conferencing.

What is a Soul Group? What is its purpose? Every participant will receive a channeled message from their Guides in The Akashic Records about their own Soul Group. At the end we will do a group meditation journey to personally connect with our Soul Groups. Participants will get a copy of the recording of the message circle. Price: $35 pp. Early Bird Price Thru March 28th: $30 pp. [Click here to reserve your place at the circle.] You will receive instructions on how to join this on-line Zoom meeting via email upon registration.

Pet Conflicts And How Animal Communication Can Help

Free On-Line Talk On FaceBook Page The Healing Energies.

Friday March 22nd 7:00 to 8:00 pm (eastern time).

Sharing knowledge learned from my 15 years of Animal Communication work, I will be discussing the variety of reasons that lead animals to engage negatively with one another or with humans. This will be followed by suggestions to resolve these conflicts and create a peaceful household. The audience is invited to post questions during the talk which I will answer as time allows. Register here for this free talk!

Tea and Sympathy – Monthly On-Line Pet Bereavement Support Group

Last Tuesday of each month (3/26, 4/30, 5/28) at 7:30 pm (eastern time) on Zoom Video Conferencing.

The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a human loved one. Our pets are like our children, they are our best friends, and they give us their undivided loyalty and love. Compared to a human’s, their lives feel all too brief to us. We may feel as though our world has ended when they are gone.

As an Animal Communicator for more than 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of people to communicate with their pets-in-spirit and receive the messages and consolation that help them to heal.

Join me as we explore together the different aspects of grieving for a pet, sharing and supporting one another on our healing journeys. At each meeting I will be passing along messages from pets that have passed on as they come in and as time allows. Although not everyone may get a message from their pet each time, at the end of each meeting, I will lead the group on a meditation healing to connect and feel the presence of our beloved pets.

Suggested Donation: $20. [To make a donation and reserve your spot.] You will receive instructions on how to join this on-line Zoom meeting via email upon registration.

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