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Notes From The First Monthly Full Moon Travelers Message and Healing Circle

This past Tuesday I had a wonderful group of people who gathered together for the first Monthly Full Moon Travelers Message and Healing Circle here at my home in Narrowsburg, NY. The Travelers shared with us a message about the energy of love and entanglement, after the channeled message the group experienced a 15 minute healing with The Healing Energies. At the every end, and for the first time ever, persons other than myself had the opportunity to photograph and videotape these energies. Having never done this before I did not know if any of them would meet with success, well lo and behold, The Travelers definitely put on a show that night. Everyone had the energies appearing on their photographs and videos! The photograph above on the right of the green beam of energy was taken and forwarded to me by one of the circle participants that night! The group was thrilled and all really enjoyed interacting with The Travelers and their energies. Next circle is on Wednesday October 24th from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Come join me!

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