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New On-Line Class! Time Jumping for Beginners Sundays Jan 26th-Feb 9th, 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Time Jumping For Beginners

An On-Line Zoom Class

Sundays Jan 26th thru Feb 9th, 2020

2:00 to 5:00 pm (eastern)

Participants will receive video copies of each session.

$150 pp/Early Bird by Jan 21st $125 pp

We live in a multidimensional Universe (the Multiverse). When we release the human created concept of linear Time (the idea of past, present, and future), we can join the flow of energies of the Multiverse and travel to an infinite number of directions and possibilities. The Universe is made up of many Universes all existing at the same time in different dimensions. We are able to explore these possibilities by time jumping through the Multiverse. In doing so we can explore, understand, create, shift and heal our past, present and future in this and other timelines.

Each weekly class will include channeled teachings on the nature of Time. We will be doing two journeys, traveling interdimensionally to explore different aspects of Time, and learning how to incorporate this knowledge to help us in our everyday lives.

Week 1 – learn the basics of time jumping as we learn how to work with the Merkaba Energy Field to travel interdimensionally into the past. The first journey will be to a past life in order to understand how it has impacted our current life and how we can work with it in this timeline.

We continue to practice our time jumping abilities into the past by going to a past experience in our current timeline in order to understand it, receive a teaching about it, and heal it.

Week 2 – working with our Merkaba Energy Field, we will travel to a future lifetime in order to see what is in store for us. We can direct our consciousness to visit the next lifetime or to be shown one in the far future. What can we learn from this future lifetime, and how can we apply this newfound knowledge to this one? We continue to practice our time jumping abilities into the future by going to an alternate timeline in this lifetime. We’ll use this experience to learn how we can incorporate alternate timelines in this lifetime.

Week 3 – working with our Merkaba Energy Field, we will travel inter-dimensionally to the place outside of space and time in order to experience this state of being and incorporate this energy into our consciousness. We will be doing this with the help of The Travelers – interdimensional beings who have journeyed to Earth to help Humanity evolve and journey to the Stars. We continue to practice our time jumping abilities to the state outside of time and space by visiting the place that exists between each lifetime – the Bardo. Here we will gain an understanding of our Souls when they are not incarnated into a physical body and specific timeline.

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